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Exhibitor Guide

Timing and planning is critical for a successful trade show. In this page you will find these topics below.  Exhibitors will find the complete information (operation schedule, technical regulations, order forms, etc.) under their MMI Connect accounts closer to the show.

  • Opening Hours
  • Build-up and Dismantling Hours
  • Exhibitor Registration/Badge Hours
  • Booth Construction
  • Official Forwarder
  • Alert for 3rd-Party Exhibitor Directory & Fair Guide

Opening Hours




 Wednesday, September 11,2024                                                                09:00 - 18:00                                             10:00 - 18:00                    
 Thursday, September 12,2024    09:00 - 18:00    10:00 - 18:00  
 Friday, September 13,2024    09:00 - 17:00    10:00 - 17:00  


Build-up / Dismantling

 Booth Type



 Raw(bare) space exhibitors               
  Sunday, September 8 - Monday, September 9, 2024      
  Tuesday, September 10, 2024                                                                   
  11am - overnight until 8pm        
 Shell scheme exhibitors
  Tuesday, September 10, 2024 11am - 8pm
 Dismantling  Friday, September 13, 2024 6pm - 11:59pm


Exhibitor Registration / Badge



  Sunday, September 8,2024                                                                                                                                             2pm - 6pm                   
  Monday, September 9 - Tuesday, September 10, 2024    10am - 6pm  


Booth Construction

Find the list of Official Stand Design Agencies :

Stand Design Agency List

If any questions regarding booth build-up, dismantle, booth decoration..etc, please contact MMI below. 

Dipesh Bharadiya 
Deputy Director - Operations
Tel: +91 22 4255 4708 
Handphone: +91 9594007888

Alert for Third-Party Exhibitor Directory & Fair Guide

UFI, an international organization which represents the interests of the exhibition industry worldwide has been warning the exhibition industry to be vigilant against Fair Guide, Expo Guide, Construct Data, Commercial Online Manuals and other similar guides and organizations such as Event Fair, AVRON and the International Fairs Directory. By submitting forms to them, exhibitors are contracted into a three-year, non-retractable agreement totaling nearly US$3,000.

Please note that these companies do not represent SEMI in any manner. If you receive a form from these companies, please BEWARE and IGNORE it. Email requesting for exhibitor information for SEMICON India will come from SEMI and MMI only.

SEMI hereby remind exhibitors that please review every contract or attachments carefully. Before submitting any signed documents, please verify with your own legal representative to protect your rights and benefits.

For more information about UFI’s action against Fair Guide, Expo Guide, Construct Data, Commercial Online Manuals, Event Fair, AVRON and International Fairs Directory, please visit (

If you are a U.S. company that has been targeted by any third-party organization, it is important to lodge a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission online.

If you still receiving these unwanted email, here are actions to take:

1. Review the domain of sender's email address and determine if the email is from SEMI or MMI.

2. If it looks suspicious, you could mark the email as Junk or Phishing.

3. Ask email system administrator to block that domain.