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12 Sept 2024, Thursday | 13:55 - 15:15 Hrs

Supply Chain Management


Seize the Moment- Build Agile and Resilient Supply Chains from the get-go.

The semiconductor industry is poised to reach $1T by the end of the decade. This unprecedented growth coupled with continued geopolitical and climate uncertainty accelerating in both frequency and magnitude, increased interest rates, and efforts to re-shore elements of the global supply chain are making supply chain resilience and agility as big of a challenge as ever.

This session aims to provide a holistic overview of the current landscape, challenges, and opportunities in the semiconductor supply chain in India, gathering insights from industry leaders in device manufacturing, semiconductor equipment manufacturing, and materials providers, to the semiconductor industry. Participants will get to understand the nuances of the electronics supply chain in the Indian context as well as address the foundational needs of agility and resiliency across the value chain – from materials suppliers to system OEMs, and everything in between.